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Dr. Sherlyn Harrison

Dr. Sherlyn E. Harrison is an early childhood administrator with the Pittsburgh Public School district and a champion for young children. Currently, she oversees a high-quality early learning program for children ages birth to three. Preparing their youngest learners for school success while supporting families is the work that Dr. Harrison and her staff are dedicated to daily.

Dr. Harrison's work experiences happily marry education and psychology with an emphasis on the healthy functioning of the African American family. She is a mother, mentor, advocate, and educator. Centering race while elevating issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice are primary to the work that she has been passionate about for over 25 years.

In the spring of 2021, Dr. Harrison earned the degree of Doctor of Education in Leadership & Administration from Point Park University. Her research focuses on promoting positive racial identity in young African American children, specifically exploring how parents' effective racial socialization practices can be integrated into early childhood.

Dr. Harrison aspires to contribute to the early childhood community by developing and supporting programs different from what she experienced as a young child, that is programs that authentically value the diversity of children and families and actively disrupt systemic racism and discrimination. Guiding parents and educators in their effort to instill positive racial identity in young African American children is pivotal to achieving this end.

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