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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need to audition for Hill Dance Academy Theatre?

Every child is required to attend a placement audition; the faculty will determine the level based on their technique skills and abilities.

How will my child's Level be determined?

Pre-Academy for dancers ages 7 and up levels are determined by the placement of students based on their proficiency in ballet.

Does my child have to take all the classes assigned to them?

Yes, because the Academy is curriculum-based, students must participate in every class assigned to their level to meet the requirements to advance to the next level.

What does my child wear to class?

All students are required to wear a class color leotard that is included in your tuition for the year.  Additional leotards can be purchased. Students are required to purchase black footless tights and flesh tone ballet shoes.  Students should carry all their items in a dance bag to and from class.

Who should I inform if my child is going to be absent from class?

If your child is going to miss class, please email and include the student's name and level in the subject line. (Example: Aniyah Smith, Level 1)

What is the attendance and lateness policy?

Students are permitted 4 absences per term. If a student is absent, the parent needs to notify the office at .  Students are permitted a 7-minute grace period for lateness. After that, students will be asked to observe and take notes.

Are students evaluated in class?

Yes, students are evaluated by faculty, parents receive a written evaluation and are required to sign up for parent teacher conference with the faculty. 

How many tickets will each child receive for performances?

For each performance families will be responsible to purchase four tickets.

Will I need to buy costumes?

No. Costumes are taken out of HDAT’s costume closet or created out of things that you probably already have in your closet.

Are there scholarships?

A limited number of scholarships are available for intermediate, and advanced students between the ages of 12-17 may audition for financial and merit-based scholarships. 

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