The Academy

HDAT develops and trains students’ physicality, creativity and performance skills, offering training in African, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, Theater, Tap, Liturgical Movement, Dance Composition, and other dance genres during its Fall and Spring seasons. During the seasons HDAT offers students a number of opportunities to attend outside performances, conferences and festivals, travel and perform locally and nationally. HDAT focuses on dance teachings and studies steeped in a learning environment that supports dance discipline and excellence in the development of the dance body linking it to Black cultural traditions and history.

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Creative Movement | Pre-Academy
(3-6 Years of Age)

Students, ages 3-4 are trained weekly for 1-hour in the developmental dance curriculum in

  • Jazz

  • Liturgical

  • ModernRepertory

  • Tap

  • Theater

  • African

  • Afro-Caribbean

  • Ballet

  • Dance Composition

  • Hip-Hop

Students, ages 5-6, continue their weekly training with classes for 2.5 hours. As they grow in dance skills, they are now enrolled in expanded techniques in Rhythm Acting & Movement (RAM) with classes in Acting, Hip-Hop, Tap, African, Jazz, and Performance Discipline. The Pre-Academy students, begin a 45-minute Pre-Ballet and an hour Hip Hop or African class in their year of preparation for their transition into the Pre-Professional Academy.

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(7-18 Years of Age)

Students, ages 7-18 are serious, committed dancers, seeking to expand and improve dance techniques and vocabulary while aspiring to become professional artists. No previous dance training is required; all students audition for placement levels. The Pre-Professional program has 4 levels and as students, in each level, techniques and skills progress, the dance techniques and days in classes expand. Classes are held after school and on Saturdays and Pre-Professional students make a commitment to regularly attend classes and miss only 4 to fully participate in the Pre-Professional Academy.

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Summer Programming

6-Week Summer Dance Intensive, Spirit, Mind, and Body program, June through July, 8 am to 5:30 pm for students ages 5 to 18.

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