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Ayisha Morgan-Lee, EdD

Founder, CEO, and Artistic Director

Artist's Statement

As a woman and dancer of African descent, my artistic statement of expression has developed through creating a process of sharing techniques of Black dance that pay homage and respect to great dancers who came before me and paved the way for me to work as a Black dance artist.  I use diverse styles of music from African, jazz, gospel, contemporary and spirituals to create and perform pieces that speak to the diverse Black communities.  I dance: for love of the art form, for freedom, to inspire and to educate. When I teach dance, I create dance for students of all ages as history lessons of rhythmic movement and music.  My goal is to develop Black dancers who understand that they are standing on the shoulders of countless ancestors who paved the way for them to do and be whatever they set their minds to as dance artist and people.  I use teaching and performing as a means of breaking down cultural and racial stereotypes and barriers in dance, especially in the discipline of ballet. I want Black students of dance and the larger society to see, know and value that they can move with grace and style no matter the body type shape, style or race.  I want the viewers of my dances to experience the beauty of pattern, or to allow the images I embed in pieces or choreography to unlock their literary, thinking, feelings, powers, and energies.

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