Arts in Education

HDAT’s art in education programs provide excellence in methods and techniques as the core purpose of creating partnerships with local and out of school arts programs. The arts education programs are committed to providing accomplished artists—teachers who model quality and excellence in technical skills and interactions with students. We believe the discipline of dance training gives students a strong understanding of discipline and commitment to learning, opportunities for experiencing teamwork, and discovery of what they can accomplish with consistent hard work.  Our goal is to educate the Mind, Body, and Spirit of students, teaching them the skills needed for a successful and productive life.

Kuumba Residencies

~To always do as much as we can, in the way that we can, to always leave our community more beautiful than we inherited it~

Kuumba Residency is an in and out of school program that introduces dance as the core element while integrating diverse artistic experiences that support dance.  The Residency can consist of a full year program or individually designed dance classes, lecture demonstrations, symposiums, workshops, student matinee performances, and student study guide and master classes. The full year Residency is aligned with HDAT’s Spirit, Mind and Body (SMB) curriculum and the holistic approach to the arts that helps students to understand the interchange of diverse skills, talents and professions that support dance connecting the spirit/emotions, mind/creativity and thinking and the body/physicality as one.

Pre-Professional Company

and Academy Performing Ensemble

Ju.B.Lation Spirit Filled Feet, established in 2007, under the Artistic direction of Ayisha Morgan-Lee, MAM, is a multi-generational Liturgical dance company that uses Sacred Dance as the artistic voice to celebrate the Cultural and Spiritual traditions of the Black Church experience.  Ju.B.Lation Spirit Filled Feet represents HDAT’s advanced students, ranging in age between 11 to 18. The company performs locally at various community events, they have also performed at the annual International Association of Blacks in Dance Conference and Festival.  Ju.B.Lation Spirit Filled Feet is available to perform for events, workshops, churches, arts organizations, and conferences/conventions.


The Academy Performing Ensembles include a Dance and Tap Ensemble that consists of all students, ages 3 to 18.  The Ensembles are available to perform for events, workshops, churches, arts organizations, and conferences/conventions.

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HDAT produces three main performances at the end of each season, The Winter Revue concludes the fall season with a festive production of dance and theater. The annual Spring Dance Concert (SDC) held in April provides an opportunity for advanced dancers, who aspire to careers in dance, to experience the journey of  professional dancers from auditioning to for a piece to being selected to perform a twelve to fifteen minute piece on a concert stage.  Students perform throughout the year for local and national events requested by community organizations, festivals, philanthropic groups, conferences/conventions and governmental organizations. Students also perform under the tutelage of master choreographers and artistic directors of national Black Dance Companies.