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The Arts Center

Since its founding, HDAT has worked to create equitable places, spaces, activities, and practices for Black and Brown artists. In 2021, HDAT began working to expand their facility with the goal of creating even more opportunities for Black and Brown dance students and dance professionals. Thus, they set out to acquire the former St. Benedict the Moor Parish school campus, rectory, and convent at 2900 Bedford Avenue to accommodate their academy’s six levels of pre-professional dance education.

Beyond obtaining the room needed to teach its growing roster of students, HDAT wants to offer opportunities for expanded community access, community buy-in and creative engagement in Black arts across the Pittsburgh arts ecosystem. HDAT’s “forever home” will also host a variety of diverse Black and Brown artists who work across many artistic mediums, contributing to a stronger Hill community and more economic opportunities for Black and Brown artists in diverse artistic disciplines.